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    Catalogue: Algemeen. Aarts, Amsterdam, Nieuw Amsterdam, Pp: Na de oorlog probeert hij in Nederland beroepsgoochelaar te worden. Maar vindt geen emplooi. Hij vestigt zich als bedenker van goocheltrucs, als 'illusionistenmaker'. Als het gezin in Nederland weer bij elkaar komt, ontdekt de zoon dat hij veel van zijn vader houdt, maar niets van hem begrijpt.

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    The interest charge incurred is covered in the J per cent, deduction. Prices paid to Farmers for Stock. In pursuance of the agreement with the Now Zealand Meat-producers Board, the Government has left it with the Board and with the Department of Agriculture to ensure that farmers receive for their stock the full equivalent of the f. General Basis of Discussions. The main counter proposals which were put forward by the New Zealand Government on the 10th September, were as follows : — 1 Agreement to sell total exportable surplus to the United Kingdom on an f.

    In the first instauce the United Kingdom had suggested a possible price basis of the or average market realizations, but at a later stage put forward a tentative figure of s. New Zealand equivalent. Now Zealand in reply stated that on the same basis the minimum prices acceptable to the Dominion were Finally, after considerable discussion, which continued until the middle of November, the following prices were agreed upon, with the necessary differentials for quality variations Butter : s.

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    After allowing for costs from the point of f. Cheese : This price calculated oil the same basis as for butter is equivalent to Outside Markets. Supplementing these price agreements, it need only be added that by a later exchange of cables the New Zealand Government affirmed, and the United Kingdom Government agreed, that, New Zealand was free to continue to supply her normal outlets other than to the United Kingdom. Quantity purchased. As in the case of the Meat Agreement, the New Zealand Government made every endeavour to secure adherence to the principle that the quantity to be purchased covered the " available exportable surplus.

    It should be noted that the final quantity agreed upon of , tons butter, and so stated in the contract, is that portion of the season's production shipped from Ist October, To this quantity must be added some 4, tons to 5, tons of the season's production which was shipped from New Zealand prior to Ist October, , and which was taken over by the Ministry of Food and paid for on the basis of the contract prices. This total quantity of approximately , tons was a small increase over the season's shipments to the United Kingdom.

    The quantity of cheese to be purchased was 84, tons, which was an increase on the season's shipments to the United Kingdom. Later the Ministry of Food advised that if the quantity of cheese could be increased by 5, tons or more it would substantially help them. The agreements for butter and cheese purchase are as follows: — " Heads of Agreement foe Purchase of New Zealand Bittter.

    Quantity, Price, and Shipments.

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    7. Loss of weight to be calculated on the average of graders check weights on each grade-note. Payment to be on the basis of 56 lb. All butter to be packed in new regulation export boxes made of thoroughly seasoned timber lined with genuine vegetable parchment, double thickness, or the material known as 1 parchfoil,' both of equal quality to that hitherto used and approved. The New Zealand Government undertake to maintain a suitable staff of qualified graders in New Zealand as well as appropriately qualified Inspectors in the United Kingdom to deal with any complaints as to quality after arrival.

      Claims on quality, if not capable of mutual adjustment, to be adjusted by an independent umpire to be selected by mutual agreement. Grade-notes to be forwarded with the bills of lading.

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      Arrivals on or after Ist October not covered by Paragraph 1. Price delivered f. At 2s. Claims on quality, if not capable of mutual adjustment, to be decided by an independent umpire selected by mutual agreement. Because of the existence of the guaranteed-price procedure, the discussions which took place between the representatives of the dairy industry and the New Zealand Government relative to the sale of the Dominion's exportable surplus of dairy-produce to the United Kingdom were on an entirely different basis to that of the other primary products.

      In the case of these other products, particularly wool and meat, the conclusion of a purchase and sale agreement between the two Governments involved a complete departure from pre-war procedure, necessitating frequent conferences between the Minister of Marketing and representative organizations of the various industries for the purpose of ensuring that the agreements concluded, and the marketing procedure evolved, should give full consideration to the interests of all sections.

      edge-jo.com/wp-includes/3383-como-y-donde.php With dairy-produce, however, a sale and purchase agreement between the two Governments did not materially affect the domestic working of the industry, and, in fact, constituted not a departure from pre-war practice but rather a continuance. As early as Bth September the New Zealand Government had indicated to the New Zealand Dairy Board that, quite apart from any finalization of an agreement with the United Kingdom Government, the Government would continue to purchase the whole of the butter and cheese manufactured within the Dominion.

      During the month of September the Minister of Marketing held several conferences with representatives of the dairy industry, and particularly the New Zealand Dairy Board, but these discussions related more directly to the price to be paid by the New Zealand Government to the industry for the season, quite apart from any consideration of the prices which the Government might eventually receive from the United Kingdom Government when a purchase agreement had been concluded. On the sth October, , the Minister of Marketing made a formal announcement to the effect that the Government would continue to purchase the total Dominion make of butter and cheese for the season on the same price basis as for the season, although it was not until 15th November, , that a price agreement with the United Kingdom Government was finally.