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It was in the afternoon. A group of foreigners—four middle-aged men—sat at one of the tables.

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The men spoke with stilted English accents. Natasha, Howard, Phi, and I sat at a separate table next to the four middle-aged Englishmen. They had been gambling at a casino, called the Palazzo Club, a couple of blocks away. Three of them were discussing what they had lost. The fourth bragged about what he had won. And, as you will recall, in the last place we visited, it did not.

Howard drank some wine from his glass. They go with her. Natasha had followed Phi through all of the empty rooms and been impressed with the lay-out of the large house. Howard drank some more wine. He looked at me and then at Natasha. She smiled. Natasha stood up from the table. Her see-through shift seemed to get caught on her chair.

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The men from Great Britain watched Natasha. They were silent for the first time. The rain came down in sheets. Howard had borrowed a large umbrella for me from the concierge. In the taxi, Binh practiced his English. I paid no attention. My thoughts turned to Karen, who now showed an interest in a relationship with Duy. Or, at least, she acted as if she no longer opposed one. After showering, dressing, and sending e-mail messages to the States, I found myself back in the taxi with Binh. It was still raining. Once again, Binh talked to me in English.

Once again, I paid no attention to him. I thought about Lan. Binh stopped the car. Under a transparent awning, a cool breeze was blowing from a nearby river and from nearly empty streets. I took a sip of Malbec, apparently imported from Argentina, and set the glass back down. I perched uncomfortably on a barstool near one end of the room where I had a clear view of the elevator and of people stepping out of it. It was The rain had stopped and the cool breeze now swept across the city.

She was taller than Duy. Even for a Vietnamese man, he was short. When the musicians started playing, I turned around to listen and, a minute later, I felt Lan beside me, touching my arm. The music was loud; the singer, with long, black hair, was Filipina, but she sounded American when she took the microphone.

An American Dream...

Lan laughed. Do you know the place? I hum parts of the song sometimes in the shower. Sort order.

Deceit and desire

May 27, Tanya rated it it was amazing. Nov 19, Rhonda Hicks rated it it was amazing. She brought in more money than anyone else in the Romany Gypsy clan. Less than any other family because of her father's disgrace. But Suria always tried to skim off the top of what she made, building her nest egg so she could find a better life. The only reason she stayed was for her cousin and her younger sister. Kian was an only child to a single mother. It's always been just the two of them and Kian is devoted to helping her.

He may not be a settled family man that his mom would like to see, but he's not unhappy. He owns his garage and goes out once in awhile. This is a deeply emotional story with a plot that takes twists and turns.

Pieces of the puzzle are made clear and others are still in the shadow. This one will make you question what is right and wrong. When is wrong done for the right reasons? I'm anxious for the next book. Jun 11, Deb rated it really liked it. Intriguing, interesting, dramatic, and seductive. What a fantastic start to what might be a great series. I was curious about this storyline after reading the blurb and once I started reading, I couldn't put it down. The characters are awesome and somewhat relatable in the sense we are all looking for something; her - freedom, him - possible relationship, his mother - answers.

I hope that what we find from reading this series is a HEA for each of these characters including her sister and cousin. These characters are likable and I already care about them. I also already want her father and his boss and his boss's brother to get their not so happy ending. I am on to the next book in the series. Sep 05, Sewanee Kracalik rated it it was amazing.

Just Wow! This is my first read by Cassie Wild. Being the eldest, she must save herself and her little sister from their abusive gypsy father and their klan. But along the way she meets Kian, a mechanic and not a Romani, and they fall instantly in lust. This is what the series is all about, and the tangled web of lies and deceit she weaves. I loved every page and cannot wait to find out what happens in book II.


Dec 23, Michaela Zankl rated it it was amazing. Suria is unhappy with her life. Being deceitful to people as a fortune teller is not the life she wishes for but family ties don't leave her an option. Meeting Kian is the highlight of her unhappy life and he sweeps her right off her feet. When Suria discovers her little sister will be married off to an older man she has to take matters into her own hands. Lying to her family and to the man she loves is painful but saving her sister becomes her main focus. Family secrets are revealed and lies ar Suria is unhappy with her life.

Family secrets are revealed and lies are uncovered. Can Suries and Kians love overcome the lies or is their love doomed from the start?

Sex, deceit and desire: Lisa Taddeo, author of the summer's hottest read, on what women really want

This is my first Cassie Wild read and it won't be my last. I love the storyline and how it flows. It's not rushed and gives you some insight on gypsy clans.

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May 22, Kendra Needs rated it really liked it. I read this book as one of my favorite authors recommended the series and said it was fantastic, and I have to say that i would agree. I was hooked from page one on, this is the most unique story line that I have read in a long while. That is the lifestyle that Suria was raised in, she comes from a family of Gypsies, and its a life that she is trying to run I read this book as one of my favorite authors recommended the series and said it was fantastic, and I have to say that i would agree.

That is the lifestyle that Suria was raised in, she comes from a family of Gypsies, and its a life that she is trying to run from and make sure that her sister is safe. I am so glad that I have book two to read, because book one was just amazing May 26, Nancy rated it it was amazing.

Cassie Wild has been one of those authers I took a chance on and I am so glad I did and I look forward to reading more by her. This is about two sisters struggling to survive and Suria being the oldest wants to protect her little sister and will do anything to do so. She saves her sister for their abusive father and their gypsy klan. She meets Kian along the way and they fall in love but he is not a gypsy. How will they go through the differences between their cultures. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

May 30, Darcy Smith rated it it was amazing. Absolutely amazing story.