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By operating Swagbucks, you can quickly get yourself a free MSP premium account. Your account number begins with X36 and is at the top of your invoice. From inception to delivery, MSP produces direct mail marketing campaigns that make a big impression. You can pay your MSP premiums:. Search BC Services.

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BCeID is a user ID and password - once you have one you can use it to log in to many participating services. Once your coverage begins. Cs publicly-funded health care system ensures that all eligible B. X from your invoice. We Act With a Purpose. Through my ehealth, patients in British Columbia and Ontario will have secure Internet access to their lab results. Make a Payment. HIBC can be contacted toll-free at 1 Direct Mail Production.

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Unclaimed Assets. Search our database to determine if you or another registered asset holder has unclaimed assets in B. Need help logging in or account locked? We Love to Have Fun. Contacts for Medical and Health Care Practitioners. X listed on the top of your invoice.

Learn more about MSPs story and commitment to its community. MSP tax payments are more than 90 days past due, owing a combined 8 million. Only cards with a photo are accepted. It covers the cost of medically-necessary insured doctor services. Fenno, K. Cookies must be enabled to enter this application This web site is designed to work with most modern browsers at or greater screen resolution. Institution: Google Indexer. Responsibility and validation levels for ensuring proper asset classification may be fixed by the banks. The system should ensure that doubts in asset classification due to any reason are settled through specified internal channels within one month from the date on which the account would have been classified as NPA as per extant guidelines.

The classification of an asset as NPA should be based on the record of recovery. In the matter of classification of accounts with such deficiencies banks may follow the following guidelines:. Drawing power is required to be arrived at based on the stock statement which is current. However, considering the difficulties of large borrowers, stock statements relied upon by the banks for determining drawing power should not be older than three months. The outstanding in the account based on drawing power calculated from stock statements older than three months, would be deemed as irregular.

A working capital borrowal account will become NPA if such irregular drawings are permitted in the account for a continuous period of 90 days even though the unit may be working or the borrower's financial position is satisfactory. In any case, delay beyond six months is not considered desirable as a general discipline.

The asset classification of borrowal accounts where a solitary or a few credits are recorded before the balance sheet date should be handled with care and without scope for subjectivity. Where the account indicates inherent weakness on the basis of the data available, the account should be deemed as a NPA.

However, in case documents under LC are not accepted on presentation or the payment under the LC is not made on the due date by the LC issuing bank for any reason and the borrower does not immediately make good the amount disbursed as a result of discounting of concerned bills, the outstanding bills discounted will immediately be classified as NPA with effect from the date when the other facilities had been classified as NPA. In case the overdues arising from forward contracts and plain vanilla swaps and options become NPAs, all other funded facilities granted to the client shall also be classified as non-performing asset following the principle of borrower-wise classification as per the existing asset classification norms.

This amount, even if overdue for a period of 90 days or more, will not make other funded facilities provided to the client, NPA on account of the principle of borrower-wise asset classification, though such receivable overdue for 90 days or more shall itself be classified as NPA, as per the extant Income Recognition and Asset Classification IRAC norms. The classification of all other assets of such clients will, however, continue to be governed by the extant IRAC norms.

The principle of borrower-wise asset classification would be applicable here also, as per extant norms. Asset classification of accounts under consortium should be based on the record of recovery of the individual member banks and other aspects having a bearing on the recoverability of the advances.


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The banks participating in the consortium should, therefore, arrange to get their share of recovery transferred from the lead bank or get an express consent from the lead bank for the transfer of their share of recovery, to ensure proper asset classification in their respective books. In cases of such serious credit impairment, the asset should be straightaway classified as doubtful or loss asset as appropriate:.

Erosion in the value of security can be reckoned as significant when the realisable value of the security is less than 50 per cent of the value assessed by the bank or accepted by RBI at the time of last inspection, as the case may be. Such NPAs may be straightaway classified under doubtful category. The entire amount due to the bank irrespective of the quantum of security held against such assets , or for which the bank is liable including in case of deposit accounts , is to be provided for over a period not exceeding four quarters commencing with the quarter in which the fraud has been detected;.

However, where there has been delay, beyond the prescribed period, in reporting the fraud to the Reserve Bank, the entire provisioning is required to be made at once. In addition, Reserve Bank of India may also initiate appropriate supervisory action where there has been a delay by the bank in reporting a fraud, or provisioning there against. Advances against gold ornaments, government securities and all other securities are not covered by this exemption. In the case of bank finance given for industrial projects or for agricultural plantations etc.


Therefore, such amounts of interest do not become overdue and hence do not become NPA, with reference to the date of debit of interest. They become overdue after due date for payment of interest, if uncollected. In the case of housing loan or similar advances granted to staff members where interest is payable after recovery of principal, interest need not be considered as overdue from the first quarter onwards. A loan granted for short duration crops will be treated as NPA, if the instalment of principal or interest thereon remains overdue for two crop seasons.

A loan granted for long duration crops will be treated as NPA, if the instalment of principal or interest thereon remains overdue for one crop season. Depending upon the duration of crops raised by an agriculturist, the above NPA norms would also be made applicable to agricultural term loans availed of by him. An extract of the list of these items is furnished in the Annex - 2. For the purpose of these guidelines, "long duration" crops would be crops with crop season longer than one year and crops, which are not 'long duration" would be treated as "short duration" crops.

The credit facilities backed by guarantee of the Central Government though overdue may be treated as NPA only when the Government repudiates its guarantee when invoked. This exemption from classification of Government guaranteed advances as NPA is not for the purpose of recognition of income.

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The requirement of invocation of guarantee has been delinked for deciding the asset classification and provisioning requirements in respect of State Government guaranteed exposures. These should also be documented in the appraisal note by the bank during sanction of the loan. There are occasions when the completion of projects is delayed for legal and other extraneous reasons like delays in Government approvals etc. Accordingly, the following asset classification norms would apply to the project loans before commencement of commercial operations.

For the purpose of these guidelines, 'Project Loan' would mean any term loan which has been extended for the purpose of setting up of an economic venture. As such project loans will be treated as standard assets in all respects, they will attract standard asset provision of 0. Up to another two years beyond the two year period quoted at paragraph 1 a above, i. Up to another one year beyond the two year period quoted at paragraph 1 a above, i. Up to another one year beyond the one year period quoted at paragraph 1 a above, i.

It is re-iterated that a loan for a project may be classified as NPA during any time before commencement of commercial operations as per record of recovery 90 days overdue. It is further re-iterated that the dispensation at paragraph 4. The other conditions applicable would be:. In cases where there is moratorium for payment of interest, banks should not book income on accrual basis beyond two years and one year from the original DCCO for infrastructure and non-infrastructure projects respectively, considering the high risk involved in such restructured accounts.

Banks should maintain following provisions on such accounts as long as these are classified as standard assets in addition to provision for diminution in fair value due to extension of DCCO:. Project loans restructured with effect from June 1, 5. The above provisions will be applicable from the date of restructuring till the revised DCCO or 2 years from the date of restructuring, whichever is later.

The project is an infrastructure project under public private partnership model awarded by a public authority;.

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The revised date of commencement of commercial operations is documented by way of a supplementary agreement between the borrower and lender and;. Project viability has been reassessed and sanction from appropriate authority has been obtained at the time of supplementary agreement. In order to facilitate revival of the projects stalled primarily due to inadequacies of the current promoters, if a change in ownership takes place any time during the periods quoted in paragraphs 4.

In cases where change in ownership and extension of DCCO as indicated in paragraph 4. Similarly, where change in ownership and extension of DCCO takes place during the period quoted in paragraph 4. The provisions of paragraphs 4. If the acquisition is being carried out by a special purpose vehicle domestic or overseas , the bank should be able to clearly demonstrate that the acquiring entity is part of a new promoter group with sufficient expertise in the field of operation;. The new promoters should own at least 51 per cent of the paid up equity capital of stake in the acquired project.

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If the new promoter is a non-resident, and in sectors where the ceiling on foreign investment is less than 51 per cent, the new promoter should own atleast 26 per cent of the paid up equity capital or up to applicable foreign investment limit, whichever is higher, provided banks are satisfied that with this equity stake the new non-resident promoter controls the management of the project;. The banks should clearly establish that the acquirer does not belong to the existing promoter group;. During the intervening period, the usual asset classification norms would continue to apply.