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I've got some shrink plastic that's been sitting in a drawer for ages. Time to bring it out! Fun things to do on the weekend. Michele says: July 22, at PM.

5 Ways to Be Your Own Shrink

Stephanie says: July 23, at AM. I had white shrink-a-dinks and gave it a whirl! They are so simple and so much fun! Now my little girls outfits will all have custom buttons! Thank you! Lisa says: July 23, at AM. Hey, these are fantastic! Can they go through the wash ok? Thanks for posting this technique! Kimanh says: July 24, at AM. Yes, they can go through the wash. How long the colour holds depends on what ink you use, and how long you let the ink rest before the first wash.

I would recommend at least hrs, and using the ZIG Millennium Pens which I've recommended in the post - and yes, you can get these pens in Australia. Oh my word I am so going to do this!!! This is what I [ Melissa says: July 23, at PM.

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Hi there! I am so thankful for your tutorial! Kristine says: July 24, at PM. OH and the kid with the bubbles is precious! Kimanh says: July 24, at PM. Hi Kristine, a lot were hand drawn I am working on a template of the owl button exclusively for www. I'll send an update when it's available! I absolutely love them!

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Kimanh at Scissors. Wok teaches how to use shrink plastic to make these super cute buttons. Kristine says: July 26, at PM. Kimanh says: July 26, at PM. Or, if you want to print from Word, right click to format the picture. You should be able to shrink it to fit onto the page.

Elli says: July 27, at AM. Gabi says: July 27, at PM.


Those are SO, SO beautiful! Thank you for the tute and the template - I've heard a lot about this technique, but now I definitely have to try it.

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  3. Shrink plastic key chains!

Norma says: July 28, at PM. I found a tip on another crafting website on how to determine the finished size of whatever you are making. Take a long strip of Shrinkle paper and trace the measurements of a ruler onto it, bake in the usual way and when it has shrunk your mini-ruler will indicate the size you will need to cut your original object. Tashia says: July 28, at PM. Thanks so much for this post, I am so happy I came across it!

I love making decorative pillows for myself and often give them as gifts, I think adding a homemade button will really add a special touch. I never knew anything like this existed! Thanks again! Jeanieb says: July 31, at PM. Your buttons are fab can't wait to try them thank you. All solvent based product will just wipe the image off completely just try spraying your shrinks with perfume or hair spray - all that work gone in the blink of an eye. Choose a waterbased sealer that isn't affected by acetone but otherwise don't expect the images to last too long.

Kimanh says: August 2, at AM.

Hi Susan, thanks for your insightful comment. I highly recommend the ZIG brand as I know that this is long lasting - providing of course the buttons don't go near a solvent product. I've had some buttons sewn to a shirt which I've have for about 2 years and I can't see any fading at all remember to let the buttons rest for at least 24 hours before the first wash.

For those that don't get why it's hard to seal, it's because it takes away the frosted white background otherwise I would totally recommend it. Nancy Ward says: August 5, at PM. Wanted you to know I posted a link to this tutorial today. Nancy Ward PaperFriendly. Nathalie says: August 7, at AM. Where did you get the clip-art of the tree with the heart in the middle?

I love it and would love to use it for a project I am working on! Thanks you! Kimanh says: August 8, at AM. Hi Nathalie, I just drew it myself.. Dienstags-Inspiration a red apple says: August 9, at PM. Crafting a Greener [ Claudia says: August 15, at PM.

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  • Not that the directions for this wonderful craft were hard to understand in the first place, but the video was by far the best instructional video I've seen. Concise, to the point, no awkward pauses between steps or tacky music. It was creative with the stop motion and the little stars, to boot! You're my hero.

    Kendra says: August 15, at PM. Just tried this and I love it! However, mine are shrinking down into ovals instead of coming out perfectly round. For reference, I'm using Shrinky Dinks brand and a 2 inch punch. I'm just wondering if you had any issues like this or can think of any solutions? Maybe it's just the brand I'm using?


    Electrical/Household Shrink Wrap - for Free: 6 Steps

    If yours didn't warp at all, I'll probably have to switch to shrinkles. Anyway, here's how the first ones came out. Kimanh says: August 15, at PM. Your buttons look fabulous!