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Here are some of my Amazing Decrees. The Science of the Spoken Word, as taught by the ascended masters, is a method of accessing the power of God with a technique that combines prayer, mantra, affirmation, meditation and visualisation. This combination gives rise to the dynamic decree.

The greatest spiritual leaders recognised prayer, especially spoken prayer, as one of the powerful instruments of change. Decrees, like prayers, are spoken petitions to God. When you use decrees, you are in effect commanding the flow of energy from Spirit to matter. Decrees are a command for the will of God to be manifest here and now in this world. You are entering into a co-creative partnership, an interactive relationship, with God.

When we meditate, we commune with God, seeking greater awareness. I decree that my heart beats correctly; my blood flows perfectly; all my organs work perfectly; and my brain commands the functions of my body perfectly today. I decree that I am perfectly healthy in every way—spirit, mind, will, emotions, and body—in the Name of Jesus.

I will increase in health and strength every day from this day forward for the rest of my life. Did you feel the power of God coursing through your body as you read this declaration? If so, please leave a comment below! Image courtesy of Tori Rector via creative commons license on Flickr. Hi, I'm Jamie. Find more encouraging words over on my Facebook page , YouTube channel , or Pinterest account. Would you help me with my work of reaching people for Jesus as a domestic missionary? I need you; we are in this together!

This blog, and all of our ministry efforts, are made possible through your partnerships, donations, and product purchases. If you'd like to help, please check out the partnership details and products available for sale here. And, thank you in advance! Your feedback means the world to me. Please keep your comments coming. However, because there are so many Presence seekers in this community and only one of me, I am not always able to respond to each one.

I do read them all and pray for you, though!

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So, thank you for participating in this community! Hi, Jamie, I think I will print this out and read it every morning. These are excellent affirmations that become more important for someone like me who is very aware of the aging process. I arrived home after a tiring day of driving to and from the city in heavy traffic where I had interfaced for a deaf, dyslexic friend struggling to communicate with audiologists over her problems with a new hearing aid.

The situation was incendiary and all I wanted to do was have supper and finish an editing job on my computer. As I was checking email, I quickly drank in your affirmations, feeling my tough-mindedness return. The next hour was merely very busy, but as the vulnerable people succumbed in various degrees to their drinking, conflicts arose, children were being neglected, and the most labile started to get out of hand.

I think that the actual sound he was making with his voice during those angry outbursts stimulated his right ear sufficiently to increase his left-brain dominance.

What does decree and declare mean? Is it scriptural?

At the same time, I gained new insights that should help me in my counselling. My husband and I managed to have some important communication during the upheaval. Thank you!

I AM a being of violet fire, I AM the purity God desires

Hi Laurna. I grinned a mile wide when I got your comment. Only God could do something like that! So glad Papa encouraged you.

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Hang in there, sister, as all shall be well. Just outlast the storm. Have a wonderful weekend.

But what I do know is that Jesus healed ALL who were sick and oppressed by the devil, and His blood paid the price for all to be healed. Not at all. Teach me. Help me to get it. His standard is the only one worth going after. Our assignment is to heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, and cast out demons; as we have freely received, to freely give. Jamie, I want to let you know just how much this blessed and changed me.

I read over the other posts and have been speaking the decrees over myself, but came to this one with no sense of urgency. I figured I was in pretty good shape, but what could it hurt? As I was reading this prophetic decree, I placed my hand over my ear and spoke. No pain! I can hear everything as I should.

Praise be unto God!!! I even shook my head around while writing this without getting dizzy. The power here is real. I thank God for you.

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And thank God for this healing! Thank You Jesus for healing Kay!!!!! Thank You Lord.

Prayer: Command and Declare Healing

And thank you, Kay, for letting me know! I Thann God forme y ou and pray that He continues to pour out from Himself through you in Jesus mighty name. I have been dealing with the effects of many issues from my past. I believe God just healed physically, mentally, psychologically. I know my life will never be the same again. By the lightning of thy love! By thy Great Self above! By thy secret power of light!

Spiritual Healing – Heal Us According To God’s Will

By thy great and glorious might! And seal us safe forever In thy diamond heart of light! I AM a Being of Violet Fire This little decree can be the first violet-flame decree that you do and it can become a cornerstone of your violet-flame ritual. Visualization: As you say this decree, visualize the violet flame bathing and cleansing your aura.

See the flames dissolve the debris in and around it. You are saying, "I AM the purity God desires! When you give this decree, visualize any negative energy that contacts these flames being instantaneously transmuted into the light of God. I AM a being of violet fire! I AM the purity God desires! A variation of this decree is to insert the names of people you know or your hometown, nation or the planet. For example, you can say: Earth is a planet of violet fire! Earth is the purity God desires! New York is a city of violet fire! New York is the purity God desires!