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While Ms. One law created a parallel judicial system , the latest of a series of broadsides against democratic norms that includes the reshaping of the electoral system in Mr. But the legislation that spurred the most anger among opposition lawmakers was the so-called slave law that obligates employees to work up to hours of overtime a year and gives employers up to three years to pay. The law was ultimately voted through, but the pandemonium energized several thousand Hungarians to protest in subzero conditions, three nights in a row, in the square outside.

Was This Really the Tomb of Christ?

They took a break on Saturday, before an estimated 15, returned on Sunday — the highest numbers of the week. While the crowds chanted outside, about 10 opposition lawmakers entered the building to ask for some airtime.

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  • They were shown to a green room, and passed the night by snacking on chocolate bars from a nearby vending machine. But 10 hours later, they were still there — and no closer to discussing their demands on air. On Monday, two were ejected by force into the street outside, while a third, Laszlo Varju, fell to the floor in a scuffle with security guards, and was later hospitalized. A fourth, Ms. Vadai, was treated by paramedics after being pushed and shoved while trying to reach Mr. Where all these surreal scenes end up, no one is quite sure — particularly as significant portions of the country may be only fleetingly aware of their occurrence.

    The protests are still relatively small, especially in comparison to Mr.

    His party won nearly 50 percent of the vote in an April election that election observers said was free but not fair. And for Mr. On Air: Pigeon Talk. Tens of thousands of people have been killed here and the economy lies in ruins. Modi has said the new status will make Kashmir more peaceful and prosperous. Elders in several rural areas reported that dozens of young men had already disappeared from their communities, often a telltale sign of joining the insurgency.

    Officials in New Delhi circulated photos on Saturday that showed open fruit markets and crowded streets, saying the valley was returning to normal. But security personnel in Kashmir said large protests kept erupting, including on Saturday. Tens of thousands of troops from the Indian Army, the Central Reserve Police Force a paramilitary unit and the Kashmiri State police have been deployed in just about every corner of the valley.

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    The difficulties of negotiating such a tight security cordon are compounding the stress. For hours, she had waited in a line of people to use the one phone that the authorities opened, at a government office in her neighborhood. Her college-age son was in the Indian city of Mumbai, about to go into surgery, she said. Schools have been closed. Parks are deserted. Baby food is running out. In many areas, residents needed to produce a curfew pass to leave their homes, even for medical emergencies.

    At the Lala Ded hospital, sick people had traveled more than a day to get here, only to find a skeleton crew.

    Inside, But Mostly Outside, the Impeachment Chamber of Secrets - POLITICO Magazine

    Many patients were curled up on the floor. Kashmiris said that of all the crackdowns they have lived through, this was the worst.

    A few hundred young rebels roam the valley , poorly trained and outnumbered by an Indian force nearly 1, to one. Pakistan is widely suspected of covertly supporting some of these rebels, though to a much lesser extent than what it did in the s. Modi downgraded it to a federal territory.

    Decades ago, Jammu and Kashmir had its own prime minister and Indians needed travel permits to visit. Before last week, the region had the power to frame its own laws.

    Outside! With the toothbrush theme continued inside - Picture of Museum of Everyday Life, Glover

    Many Kashmiris fear that Mr. Kashmiris fear they will be turned into a minority in their own land. But they have also said that the new status would make it easier for non-Kashmiris to buy land, which they argued would catalyze outside investment and lift the stagnant, war-torn economy. In the past week, the Indian authorities have arrested hundreds of Kashmiri activists, including some elected politicians.

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    Many Kashmiris have never trusted Mr. Modi knew that stripping away what little autonomy Kashmir still enjoyed was not going to go down well with Kashmiris. A few days before his government announced its plan, security officials suddenly evacuated thousands of Indian tourists.

    The reason, they said, was a possible terrorist plot backed by Pakistan.