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Lord, by love and mercy driven Thou hast left Thy throne in heaven On the cross for me to languish And to die in bitter anguish, To forego all joy and gladness And to shed Thy blood in sadness. By this blood redeemed and living, Lord, I praise Thee with thanksgiving. Through the gifts Thou here dost give me As Thy guest in Heaven receive me.

Source of German Text: Hymnary. Home Page. BWV German Text verses in bold print set by Bach. In Dankbarkeit ergiessen,.

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Und was du mir zugut getan,. Das will ich stets, so tief ich kann,. Was schadet mir des Todes Gift? Dein Blut, das ist mein Leben;. Wenn mich der Sonne Hitze trifft,. Setzt mir der Wehmut Schmerzen zu,. Als auf dem Bett ein Kranker;. Mein Schifflein treibet um und um,. Wenn endlich ich soll treten ein. In deines Reiches Freuden,. So soll dies Blut mein Purpur sein,.

Ich will mich darein kleiden. In welcher ich will vor dem Thron. Und dir, dem er mich anvertraut,. But He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities; the chastisement of our peace was upon Him; and with His stripes we are healed. All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned every one to his own way; and Jehovah hath laid on Him the iniquity of us all. The above passages furnish the basis for this hymn. It contained 10 stanzas. Lauxmann has called this the most beautiful of Passion hymns. There are at least eleven English translations.

It was published , in NoglePassions- Psalmer. The translation is a composite prepared for The Lutheran Hymnal , except for stanzas 4 and 7 which were prepared for the Evangelical Lutheran Hymnary by Harry K.

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Er hilft uns frei aus aller Not,. Die uns jetzt hat betroffen. Mit unsrer Macht ist nichts getan,. Wir sind gar bald verloren;. Den Gott hat selbst erkoren. Fragst du, wer der ist? Er heisst Jesus Christ,. Der Herr Zebaoth,. Und ist kein andrer Gott,. Es soll uns doch gelingen.

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Tut er uns doch nicht,. Das Wort sie sollen lassen stahn. Er ist bei uns wohl auf dem Plan. Mit seinem Geist und Gaben. Nehmen sie den Leib,. Lass fahren dahin,. At the Diet of Spires, , the enemies of the Reformation attempted with all their craft and power to hinder the further spread of the evangelical doctrine. They passed resolutions with the expressed intention of destroying even the beginning that had been made toward evangelical freedom.

The evangelical princes entered a formal protest and letter of defense, but it did not help. The resolution was adopted as the decree of the diet, and the evangelical princes were commanded to sign this decree. These princes, on the 19th of April, declared that they would not consent to any resolution adopted in this, or in any other matter contrary to God and His holy Word. Luther himself gave it the title: Der 46ste Psalm. But it is clearly evident that he did not intend his version to be a translation of the Psalm, but that he wished to restate its thought and sentiment in hymn form.

Neue Liebe, neues Leben

This edition is now lost. Kade, Luther Codex, It seems, therefore, to be an established fact that the hymn was printed for the first time in Leading authorities are also well agreed now that the hymn was written during that year. There is, however, no valid reason for discounting the supposition that it may have been put in manuscript form during the latter part of the year For a long time it was thought that this hymn was written by Luther during the famous Diet of Augsburg in While this is now no longer believed, the fact remains that the hymn was sung during that important church meeting.

It was used also by Luther himself. During the Diet of Augsburg he had to remain as a fugitive in Coburg.

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The old cathedral trembled at these new tones, and the ravens were frightened out of their dark nests in the tower. Linke of Altenburg, , published an exhaustive and well written treatise, in which he attempts to show that the hymn was written during the fall of Among his proofs he quotes a number of expressions found in this hymn which correspond closely with sentences used by Luther in speeches and writings of that same year.

It is exceedingly unlikely that such a hymn should remain unpublished from or until All those years were a period of strife, tribulation, and worry, and while many began to tremble, to hesitate, and to yield, Luther lifted his eyes to the mountains, from whence help cometh; he spoke and sang and strengthened himself and others with true Christian courage. The helpless flock, facing an enemy, who in craft and power has no equal here on earth, does not fail in courage, but holds fast to God and His Word and sings in tones triumphant with the assurance of victory.

We are, therefore, not surprised to find that this hymn, during that period of violent struggle, won its way into many hearts in a short time. It was wafted abroad, as though by angel messengers, until it was heard in all places where the evangelical spirit had gained an entrance. We have a great number of testimonies to the powerful influence of this hymn in furthering the work of the Reformation. From the very beginning and onward, this hymn showed its wonderful power to inspire despondent hearts to new hope and courage. During the bloody persecutions in France, , this hymn proved a remarkable source of comfort to the sufferers in keeping up their courage, and martyrs sang it as they were brought to the place of execution.

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Its comforting words accompanied the exiles upon their long journeys into unknown regions and became a slogan which united the many thousands who sought homes in foreign lands where they might establish an evangelical church. In a city of Germany the Reformation was established in spite of Catholic opposition because the worshippers always sang it during the services and the children sang it upon the streets during the night.

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The mothers embraced their little children and wept over them, but they could not be prevailed upon to renounce their faith. Thus they were carried away, trusting in the gracious help to God, and they found comfort in singing:. And should they, in the strife, Take kindred, goods, and life, We freely let them go, They profit not the foe; With us remains the kingdom. They suffered for a time, but the reaction came with the Tolerance Edict of , issued by Emperor Joseph.

This permitted the exiles to return home. They were not disappointed in their faith. Also more recently, during the stress and trial of World War I, this great hymn of the Reformation served to furnish the unifying slogan to the German people who were, confessionally, split up into many groups.

The world-events of late years have substantiated this; upon the battlefields and in the trenches, the Christian hymn has come again to new life—even among many who have lived totally apart from it. Should not also we celebrate this day here in the trench? Then followed a long, deep silence. I thought of those at home, my dear ones. It seemed to me that I could hear the church bells calling the people together for worship and that I saw the kindly countenance of our beloved pastor and heard his appealing sermon on humiliation and prayer.

Similar festivities were held in A large orchestra accompanied the singing. This hymn is most extensively used throughout the world. In Lutheran Church Herald for Oct. The first Danish translation was evidently included in a hymn book published in , now lost. The melody has accompanied this hymn on its march to victory throughout the world. They will always stand as ideal patterns for congregational hymns by reason of their popular directness, their intense devotional spirit, and their inspirational power. The two are beautifully harmonized in him.

With him the prime consideration was the hymn content put in singable form. He gave not only the Bible, but also the Hymn Book into the hands of the Christians. The number of his hymns is not very great, only 37, and yet from these there may be arranged an almost complete cycle of hymns for a hymn book. To most of the church seasons have been given their appropriate hymns.