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An added bonus is a less apparent post-weaning dip due to the fact that piglets reared in the rescue decks or offered milk through cups are already used to vegetable feed stuffs and dry feed.

An alternative to a full scale RescueDeck — or similar system — is placing cups in all farrowing crates. In this case, the same milk replacer mixing and distribution equipment is used.

Automatic feeding systems for piglet litters are helping producers to achieve better piglet performance. The feeding system needs to be cleaned once a week, which takes about 45 minutes.

Rescued piglets served up as sausages to firefighters

Genetics companies say that the trend in increasing numbers of live born piglets will carry on for the coming years. The gap between sow milk production and litter requirements will increase and so it is likely that more producers will turn to proven milk replacer feeding systems that have been shown to reduce farrowing house mortality and increase overall weaning weight. Wageningen University in the Netherlands completed a trial in which it provided milk replacer to piglets post weaning Van der Peet-Schwering et al, They speculated that this could prevent the post-weaning dip in energy intake that can adversely affect piglet health and growth performance.

After weaning, the control group was fed a commercial starter feed. The experimental group was fed the starter feed plus milk replacer for six days. Results from the two groups showed that the milk replacer prevented the post-weaning dip — the control group ate about half their maintenance requirement at day one post-weaning, compared to the milk replacer group that ate about three times their maintenance requirement.

Incredible Rescue of 42 Piglets From Gas Chamber - Free From Harm

The group fed milk replacer also had a significantly better energy conversion ratio of 1. Monday 18th November RSS Twitter. See e-newsletter example. Will be used in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Print Email.

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January 16, 0. The parents' sizes do not determine the final size well; siblings often end up wildly different sizes!

Rescue Intake at Barn Sanctuary

Pigs live up to 20 years. They are herd animals and love having buddies to keep they company.

Pigs need outdoor time to "be pigs". Fenced yards are a must to keep them in and predators out.

Building pig-positivity

Without proper stimulation, pigs become bored and destructive. Most vets are not well experienced with mini pigs. Call ahead to ensure yours will see pigs if there is an emergency. See our vet list. Phantom at an education event.