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The Public Life Of Sissy Pike: New Girl In Town

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I remember the utter terror I felt when I was arrested with my long-term partner in Delhi one night in , merely because we lived openly together.

The only reason we weren't persecuted further was because of my family's privileged position. Few other Indians had that kind of protection, and so the wiser course in those dangerous times for most gay Indian men and women was to be invisible, to deny themselves normal, fulfilled lives.

The silence had to do with a very real fear of persecution, exposure and shame.

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The consequences were tragic. For instance, there is no doubt that countless gay men and trans individuals in India contracted HIV as a result of the fears engendered by Section By now, because of the AIDS pandemic, it is well understood how criminalization and marginalization multiply the risks of disease, for instance by keeping people from openly learning about safe-sex methods or by forestalling healthy romantic relationships.

There is an enormous sense of relief, the feeling that we can hope to lead full lives with the expectation of happiness and fulfillment just like everyone else. Another huge impact is in restoring a sense of self-respect and dignity. And we are now filled with hope and determination that these changes will be speedily reflected in vital legal and policy changes in India — such as in terms of equalizing marriage, inheritance and adoption rights irrespective of sexual or gender orientation.

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The first few cases of HIV in India were identified in women sex workers in Consequently, [these women sex workers] came to be associated with AIDS, just as the United States epidemic came to be associated with gay men. And just as in the U. They were arrested in mass drives, their blood was drawn without consent and they were cruelly incarcerated for months and even years, separated from their children and families without being told why. It is because of those experiences that countless sex workers in India have long demanded decriminalization of their work.

Decriminalizing sex work frees the many women, trans individuals and men who sell sex from the fear of prosecution by the police and other arms of the state. It is the necessary starting point for enabling them to tackle the other hardships they face, ranging from societal stigma and imbued notions of shame to feelings of powerlessness. Tell us about the pioneers of the movement who helped bring about societal acceptance.

Change came through the efforts of pioneering individuals and grassroots groups. For instance, in my book I document the life of Selvi, one of the very first sex workers to be identified with HIV, back in She suffered [an] abusive marriage, years of selling sex to support herself and her young son, her HIV diagnosis and then long years of imprisonment because she was an HIV-infected sex worker. Right until her death in , Selvi was a tireless crusader, not only to keep other sex workers from contracting HIV but importantly also for far-reaching legal reform, beginning with decriminalization, in other words with getting the exploitative police out of their lives.

BDSM Library - Story: SISSY\'S NEW LIFE

Q: What inspired the story? We went to school together and reconnected around seven years ago when I asked if I could do a magazine article on her transition from traditional employment and lifestyle to tiny house living. The new chapter of her life was fascinating to me and I was and still am!

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We stayed in touch ever since and see each other often. That day in the summer of when we were lunching, the conversation soon turned to what was new and exciting in B.


I put myself in the shoes of the kids that may be part of this transition and the perspective could potentially look very different to them. Q: What makes Sissy Goes Tiny a diverse picture book? Sissy is considered diverse because the family in the story is biracial. I remember seeing a family similar to the one in our book on TV years ago and was struck by what a beautiful family they were.

Q: Future plans to write solo or another co-authored book? I love the collaborative process of creating a book with someone and would do it again in a heartbeat. Even if authors live in different states, the Internet makes it so easy to work together and share ideas.

If you wish to purchase a copy, the pre-sale is going on now link to buy at the bottom. To learn more about Rebecca, stop b y her website.

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You can follow her on Instagram: beckyflansburg. View all posts by Savannah Hendricks. What a cool idea for a book. Like Liked by 1 person.