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Although this is set on another planet, and concepts of science are prominent, there is a palpable vibe of the supernatural and otherworldly, with ghosts and arcane beings that the humans and Neighbors refer to as gods. Since Hawkeye is only sixteen, this story works fairly well as a young adult themed work. However, Hawkeye has a sheltered aspect to her personality, and at the same time, has suffered a great deal for her age, making her a mature, balanced main character.

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She serves as a good role model to young female readers, which is why I would recommend this as a young adult novella. The content is suitable as far as violence and adult situations. However, there is a maturity to the thematic content that encourages any reader of any age to read and ponder the questions of humanity, existence, time, and the legacy that human and other beings leave behind, both good and bad.

When I finished this novella, I was a satisfied reader. Overall rating: 4. Dec 03, Charlotte Black rated it it was amazing. How lovely to read about a girl who isn't tall, beautiful, and stunning in every which way. Far from it, Amber Hawkeye is a cripple though she does describe herself as 'a prettiness that surprised her'.


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She's clever and smart but unique. Synopsis: One morning the people of the North woke up and the people of the South were gone. Hawkeye How lovely to read about a girl who isn't tall, beautiful, and stunning in every which way.

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Review: The first thing I'll say is that if you don't like Sci-Fi then this book isn't for you. The blend of sentences and words wisping around to create this magical word of Jigsaw is very unique, almost akin to classic Sci-Fi more than modern but among those words and sentences is a story that will grab you in so you don't want to let go. While I read it chapter by chapter I formed various ideas in my head as to what would happen at the end of the journey, and what twist Devenport would spring on us but I was wrong in each idea. The characters are all crisp and well formed.

I particularly liked the assistance animals and how much they helped Hawkeye, with the soft touch of her reading them Arabian Nights to go to sleep. There isn't much dialogue in the story, and only a hint of romance near the end although Bertie does play a prominent part in Hawkeye's perception of things. But this is about the growth of one girl and how her world changes on her last journey. A thoroughly wonderful read, I beg anyone to read it and enjoy. I'd actually rank this one 4-and-a-half but am rounding to a whole number for goodreads. The half star off is because I don't think the writing was quite as good as in Broken Time, although I'm not quite sure in what way.

Glory in Their Spirit

Smoothness maybe? It's certainly got emotional kick and I pretty much read it straight through. Hawkeye is a shy and awkward person in some ways, maybe I am just picking up her pattern of being. I loved the intelligent therapy cat and dog. I loved having a girl named Hawkeye.

Or any masculine power sort of name - why do we always have to be cute? I was happy to see a protagonist with a disability. I loved the mystery and creepiness around the empty cities. I loved the aliens and ghosts and Gods.

Spirits Of Sorrow

I almost wrote the worldbuilding is excellent and creative, but it's not so much the concepts. Other writers have used some of these tropes too. It's more like the execution is beautiful and creative.