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So many comments are focused on music. Music is NOT worship. Music is part of worship, but it is only a small part.

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Further more, it appears that many are focused on worship as some part of the Sunday experience inside a building. Worship is much bigger and should be part of our daily lives. I encourage those of you who are pastors to refocus your Sunday services and teach your flock about worship, what it really means, what each person can do to worship even when no one else is around, etc.

I was fortunately raised in churches that included a broad variety of music, music styles, with participation of many, and all ages. Church was a great place to let kids perform in public and develop their God given talents. What a great way to worship God.

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We sing pathetic droning song after non-musically inspired song, that go on for ever — as people go into a trance like state. And of course, these drone zones are often at churches that bought into the fad of changing your church name to supposedly a more relevant name. And often these churches have bought into other not so great fads. Thankfully, we were exposed to everything from opera singers, to barbershop quartets, to folk type music, classical, various contemporary styles and etc, at church.

I have found something quite interesting in the past few years.

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I play in a brass group and perform in many different churches including many denominations. I was a former worship leader…a long time ago and boy, have things changed! Worship is now performance or entertainment based and only the worship team- who practice the new songs- really get to know the songs. Songs used to be direct quotes from scripture so it was a win-win situation.

You sung scripture and it got inside of you where you remembered it easier than trying to memorize words.. That is a huge joy killer for many. Why stand if you can lounge and groove?

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I think the churches today do not offer the freedom to have a song from here or there in the congregation. Years ago it was led more by the Holy Spirit and with far more reverence. That too sadly is missing. I see the benefit of simple melodies with scripture in the worship services.

At our church, everyone is in the worship service, from baby to senior. Honestly I could not disagree with you more.. Do you not think that it was different back when your parents and their parents were younger? To think it was the same is pretty absurd. It is to come in and surrender your heart to God through praise and song. Cameronsmusic hotmail. Cameron, you would be surprised how many young people like the traditional old hymns.

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Godly music should be set apart, much more rverent. What is Godly music? All music is a gift from God, whether or not you or I like it is irrelevant!

I hate going to a church where the are singing all NEW songs! This is not a popularity contest to see who can come up with the most new songs! Church is a place to come and worship A God that is familiar with us! I agree with the article, new songs need to be introduced slowly, over time, with the words AND music written and placed in the congregations hands, so that they can LEARN the song properly! Just to spring a new song on a congregation, with no musical notes to follow and learn, is wrong!

I need to KNOW whether the song goes up, down, sideways, notes being held or sped up, whatever the case may be! I hate having to just stumble along! For visitors just coming to the church, they might like the song and wish to have a copy of the music to take with them! I am posting this in the general comments also!

fckonzenberg.de/components/angry/whatsapp-blaue-haken-abstellen-apple.php Thank you for this article. Oh for a Reformation without all the excommunication and persecution. There is no right and wrong way to worship. Worship is different for different congregations, cultures, ethnicities, and even sub-cultures within the local church. For 30 years as a pastor of large and small churches, ministering across the nation and around the globe, in every culture imaginable, this has been a constant argument.

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And always from those who do not like someone else worship. Mainly churches larger than theirs and predominately younger in demographics. If your church is growing, then you should always have a large group of people who do not know the songs and are not singing. They are called New Converts.

The problem I have observed over 30 years is the people who complain one way or the other, usually have no interest in reaching people different than themselves. Thus justifying their laziness by complaining about the music because it might actually attract someone different than themselves. A growing New Testament Church should be full of people on any given Sunday who are not singing because they do not know the words. Or we could use secular music for them, if engagement and participation is the goal. Better yet how about finding music that is relevant to the culture your congregation fi ds itself established in.

You might like it or you might not. Fact of the matter is its not about you or me. Its about using worship as a tool for discipleship and worship to Jesus. Elder Christians love to complain about the churches catering to the unchurched, new disciples, or younger generation. But I have noticed that same generation of Elder Christians do not mind being the ones catered too. Maturity is more than just any generations traditions. When I was a new convert, at 42, all I wanted to do was sing… It was a glorious way to honor the God and King I had always rejected. The purpose of worship is to worship.

We are commanded by God to worship Him. We must worship Him.

He must be worshipped, and although He has angels who do so non-stop eternally, we are likewise to worship Him whether we feel like it or not. What you and so many modern christians fail to recognize is that worship is about God, and what He is rightfully due from us. Its not about how we feel, or what we get out of it.

That is correct and Biblical. We have a Holy God, who is deserving of our reverence and attentive worship. He is worthy of our full attention, and worthy of whole-hearted, enthusiastic worship in song, and in word. I think when you get to heaven you will discover that your laissez faire attitude toward worship will not be the norm in eternity.

Pretending that the Word is silent about this, or leaves this open to whatever interpretation or practice the worship leader espouses, is definitely error. Hi Ed, In reading your response it appears to me that you presume to know far too much. You cannot know why one person is not singing. You cannot know that another person who is providing a brilliant musical offering is doing so for their own gratification. You are judging these people. Why do you presume to provide this instruction to people you have never met? Certainly one of them might be they refuse to worship God, but how many people attending church do you suppose fit that description?

If they refuse to worship God, their church has a much bigger problem to solve than simply getting them to join in the singing. Your response to Will Haddock was judgmental and un-loving, Ed. Someone once said that we never lie more than when we sing in church.

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The last time I checked lying is still a sin. Would any Christian in his or her right mind purposely and knowingly sin while participating in a worship service? I certainly hope not.