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I use cocoa butter in making homemade lotions and chap stick!

I use it to make homemade lotions, sunscreen, and chap stick. You can use it to clean your dishes, clean your floors, for a gentle baby wash, and more!

I mix in other natural ingredients and essential oils to make some fantastic natural cleaning recipes. It works well but not as well as the oil. They seem to really help! Jami, this is a wonderful list of resources!! Thanks Ashley! It took me a while to really get into the swing of essential oils too!

I love using herbs for certain things!! A lot of these look great, but I think the benefits for some of them have been exaggerated. I would find out what exactly is in the clay mix after all, they use it in kitty litter! You realize everything in the universe is made of chemicals, right? You already mentioned in your post that you want to avoid natural things which are harmful, but there are also some synthetics which are fine.

Good post, though I would research the science behind some of the claims that sound too good to be true. Another suggestion: get ahold of a silver dime or two or some other sort of silver coin. Silver is a powerful antibiotic and if you get any kind of break in the skin like eczema that looks like it might start getting infected, you can bandage the silver to it and it will do a lot to prevent further infection. I do not recommend ingesting it….

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Thanks for taking the time to comment! Of course, we could go in depth and write a post on each and every one of these items! I used it when I had a staph infection and it helped to ease the pain, visibly reduce the swelling, and draw pus from the wound which I needed for the antibiotics to actually reach the infection. I think pure peppermint essential oil is safe when diluted on skin, but of course, that could just be a different of opinion. And you are correct, I should have clarified, what I meant are synthetic chemicals.

There are of course natural chemical compounds that are perfectly safe and also ones that are harmful. Likewise with synthetic, man made chemicals. But I think there are far more harmful synthetic chemicals then there are good ones especially when you are talking about ingesting them. But thank you for your comments!

The Natural Medicine Chest : Natural Medicines to Keep You and Your Family | eBay

I did not intend this one article to be an end all discussion on home remedies. My main goal was to share that, along with conventional medicine, there are safe and effective home remedies you can try! Especially for things like easing colds and flus. There is absolutely a time and a place for taking conventional medicine and I thank the Lord that he has created those for us!

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But I also think, that as a modern society, we rely on conventional medicines and synthetic, man made chemicals far too much when God has designed and made natural remedies that can and do work. Hi Jamie, I love that you have videos; and it was very informative! I was wondering what brand of multivitamins you use? Right now I just have the generic from my grocery store.

Natural Medicine Chest for Kids’ Super Immunity

Thank you! That sounds like a really good idea. My husband really battles with stomach issues! I really like ordering from Vitacost because their prices are phenomenal!! I hope this helps!!

Our Holistic Medicine Cabinet

I really love your blog, all of your posts and viedos. It was great!!! Today I want to share with you where to buy all the ingredients and products that I use and love! When I began preparing for this post, I was shocked to find just how full my natural medicine cabinet has become! It was not always like this. It has taken years to build up my natural medicine cabinet. It would be very expensive to stock a full natural medicine cabinet all at once. If you have the resources, then go for it! But if you are a on tight budget, you can still begin replacing conventional medications with more natural alternatives—little by little.

When I first began, we were living on a low income. I would visit our local health store frequently and check out the clearance shelves. Besides this, at first, I mostly just purchased items I needed as needed. Some of these items you can also make for yourself—like elderberry syrup or some essential oil blends. This is an even more cost effective way to build a natural medicine cabinet. I have found the best prices at these two places. Plus, I never have to leave my home to shop!

When placing an order, I will often price compare between the two. Here are some great places to get you started in building a natural medicine cabinet:. You might notice in the pictures and links that I use a wide variety of brands. I usually look at reviews, but some of these brands are simply the most cost effective ones I found when I ordered them.

If you read my essential oils post yesterday, you will know that I am not brand loyal. I purposely linked to some neutral essential oils brands for this reason—although I do name some blends we use from the bigger companies. I really store our natural medicines in two locations—a kitchen cabinet for supplements we use often and in a bathroom closet for those remedies we only use as needed.

This list is not exhaustive. My middle daughter and husband both have asthma, so respiratory health is something we take seriously. In an emergency or extreme case like this past week when my little girl has pneumonia!

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But we like to keep it to:. Thankfully, we have not had to deal with ear infections for several years, but my middle daughter had several when she was a baby. This is what worked for us:. Taking our daughter off of dairy and getting her chiropractic adjustments also helped with ear infections. You can also google recipes to make a version yourself. In this post , I wrote about 10 natural ways to prevent colds and the flu. Read more of my tips for natural allergy relief here. Buy Cold Calm or Oscillococcinum Now!

The Ultimate Guide to Building a Natural Medicine Cabinet

Both Chamomile and Fennel are considered carminatives just a big, fancy word that they relieve gas. The trick to using tea medicinally is to make it strong. Use tea bags and steep for at least 10 minutes, covered this is important to make it potent. By covering the tea while it steeps, keeps all the active oils from evaporating. Buy Chamomile Tea Now! Buy Butterbur Now! Magnesium is now the go-to remedy for constipation even with allopathic medical professionals.

Here are some basics about the different forms of magnesium:. Buy Magnesium Citrate Powder Now!