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To help you answer the question I just posed above.

The Secrets To Finding And Hiring A Cover Designer

I offer an hourly consulting plan. How I Help Publishers I offer a logical set of services for publishers who do not maintain their own in-house design department or full-time copyediting and production staff.

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Examples are: Publishers who have downsized their staff to the point there is no one left to actually produce the books. Publishers with books aimed at a general trade audience but who are too small to even have a staff to produce them. Publishers with authors on the West Coast who want a local designer to take over the day-to-day production of their book.

Page layout fee —this will be a per page rate to actually lay out the entire book. Multiply the page fee by the number of pages and you have a total. Production management fee —If you would like me to manage the entire production, from manuscript to delivered books, this is what it will cost. Cover design fee —The same as interior, but for your book cover or jacket. At Scribe Media, we typically use 5.

What Is Involved

This slightly smaller size tends to be more common with business books. Like most steps in this process, you have two options: you can do it yourself, or you can hire someone more talented than you who does it professionally. If you really want to go all out, you need to learn Adobe InDesign , alongside the fundamentals of professional typography and design. Instead, we recommend a far more user-friendly application called Vellum.

A beginner will be able to get an ok result from Instagram quickly. Photoshop is far more powerful, and a professional will be able to get a much better result from it, because they had to invest a lot of time and money to get to that level. There are people offering layout services on Fiverr. Bookalope is another. Upwork is another.

Scribe Guide to Designing Your Book Layout

As we described earlier in the chapter, the quality of these designs is really low. There are some decent layout people on Reedsy and similar websites.

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  8. The other alternative is to hire a real pro. If you hire a great editor, they can completely transform your book. Same goes with interior layout. The problem is the price and the turnaround time. But if you just care about someone doing a great job, the few freelancers you can find here do excellent work.

    Compared to the horror of designing your print interior, designing an eBook is actually pretty straightforward. Unlike the manual work and design aesthetic that need to go into a print book, creating eBooks is mostly coding work, and a lot of it is automated. The cost is lower, and the results are more consistent. EPUB book. These files are a little more customizable, have a little more flexibility for design, and are frankly just easier to use.

    The Time Frame

    If your book will only be available on Kindle or in digital format you want a cover designed specifically for that purpose. I am very happy with with my new cover. Let me know if you like it, too. Have you hired a book cover designer? Share your tips and lessons learned in the comments.

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    Should You Hire a Professional Book Cover Designer?

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