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Details, such as colourful insides, which are revealed when the trouser leg is casually folded up, contrasting pocket linings and stitching and zippers loosen up the minimalistic look. Shirts made of Tencel and denim jackets are also on offer. Chinos and matching jackets make for a casual suit, also available in soft Jersey. True You stands for androgynous avant-garde design and an uncomplicated yet self-confident fashion style that underlines individuality. Black and grey are the dominating colours, the cuts are straightforward with many interesting details such as drapes, gathers and asymmetric hems.

The creations are available only online shop. When it came to naming their fashion label, Martin Pichler and Manuel Rauner drew inspiration from Nordic mythology and modified the name of the Goddess of Fate, Veroandi, who spins the threads of life, into Verdandy. The key piece of the collection are the trousers with the classic 5 pocket style, which thanks to the use of soft denim jersey. The pillars of the brand are finest European fabrics that are turned into chic pieces at small manufacturers in Italy with a good portion of Austrian heritage.

The result is a cool and modern look for men and also to a smaller extent for women who value quality.

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The duo was able to win over leading dealers in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Italy with this concept. The selection currently comprises trousers, jackets, knitwear, shirts, gilets and a small accessories collection, which also includes shoes that are designed and produced in cooperation with the Vienna-based manufacturers, Ludwig Reiter. We want to create values, relationships and favourite pieces with our clothes. Their designs are unconventional and innovative, but when it comes to the workmanship, the duo trusts in traditional craftsmanship.

The style is a mix of Viennese charm, Parisian chic, German Bauhaus and cultural elements from the respective home countries. The recurring design element in their creations is the Viennese Mesh, well known. A particularly good example for this is the fine leather bags from the Vienna Series.

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Shortly afterwards, Bradaric and Ohmae decided to rename their label. Andreas Eberharter finished his training as a goldsmith and went on to work for artists such as Anna Heindl, Manfred Wakolbinger and Eva Schlegel.


In , he founded his own label, which became internationally known quickly. Even Thierry Mugler uses the extraordinary creations of the Austrian designers to offer additional highlights at his fashion shows. The selection of extraordinary accessories includes eye patches, masks, bangles, belts, head jewellery and corsages from metal and leather. The designer also runs an online store. Marie Boltenstern, daughter of well-known Austrian goldsmith Sven Boltenstern, already learned to love jewellery when she was a child.

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But at first, she decided to embark on an entirely different career that has nothing to do with precious metals and gemstones. She studied architecture in London and Berlin and specialised in 3D printing.

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The result is very stylish real jewellery with a distinctive design. Her creations are available online and as of lately at her own boutique in the Vienna city centre. Avant-garde in the clear colours white, red and with curved presentation and wooden floor elements, the shop design pursues a clear design as well as its beautiful creations.

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These do not follow short-lived styles, but are characterized by timeless, wonderfully combinable design. Each piece is a handmade unicum of East African Watussihorn, which embodies a particularly decorative and individual look due to its magnificent grain. The collections consist of necklaces, earrings, brooches, rings, bracelets and hairclips, new collections are presented twice a year. She designed her first bags and jewellery collections at the same time and founded her own label in It stands for traditional Viennese craftsmanship and everything from design to implementation and execution are done in-house.

That way, she creates extraordinary objects, mostly from synthetic resin that range from timelessly classic to sophisticated and fragile.

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Custom-made items are also available. The designer from Berlin designs hats and knitted accessories. Kaufmann works with an experienced team of knitters in Austria, Germany and Romania who all play a considerable part in the design process and the development of models. Of course, custom-made items are also available. The beautiful knitwear is also available online. Her style is defined by a combination of functionality and aesthetics, high-quality materials and sophisticated workmanship. Clever details such as variable handles or different ways to carry a bag are also a signature feature of the label.

The presentation of the goods is eye-catching yet simple: They hang on wooden grids on the walls or on simple bars. Please note that the shop is closed on Mondays. The various models, ranging from small to XL, can also be used as clutch bags. Not only their colours but also their first-rate quality is impressive.

There are of course matching handbags based on bowling bags, organisers with rings or rubber systems and key rings that can be used as pendants for your bag. All of them are also made from colourful leather and available online. Pugnacious, eco-friendly rebel, Heini Staudinger is known outside of Austria not only for his indestructible and environment-friendly shoes.

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  • He is also known for his innovative, humanitarian business models, such as crowdfunding, which seems reasonable but is unfortunately not always compatible with the current legal situation. Staudinger has been in the shoe industry for almost 40 years and Gea has stood for healthy, eco-friendly and high-quality shoes for almost just as long. Nowadays there is not only a wide selection of shoes for those with particular health requirements, there is also a great range on offer to satisfy fashion-conscious demands. Environment-friendly furniture and home accessories are also available at the store.

    Erich Hartmann has been designing high-quality horn-rim glasses since , skilfully combining traditional craftsmanship and trendy design in a perfect way. The selection also includes numerous other extraordinary models such as golden glasses by Lindberg Denmark and Lotos Germany as well as unique custom-made made items from buffalo or ox horn.

    To ascertain the level of your vision, state-of-the-art refraction equipment determines the dioptres. The trained staff will not only fit your glasses with a lot of expertise but will also carefully determine your visual habits in order to get you the optimal eyewear. After all, glasses are not only medical aids but also stylish accessories and pieces of jewellery. Souvenir shops are usually just like their range on offer: kitschy. But the sqm big Imperial Shop Vienna in a clean and modern design proves that there are exceptions.

    The focus is on premium souvenirs and gifts. Horn, fine silk shawls and ties with Klimt patterns, fashion jewellery recreations of the famous Sisi stars and wristwatches by Lichterloh, which are styled after the famous Viennese cubic clocks. There are also culinary delights such as Manner waffles, Wien Gin and a small selection in natural cosmetics by Saint Charles Apothecary. Robert Horn founded his company in and designs exclusive leather goods that draw upon both the Viennese Avant-Garde of the 20th century but also the latest trends.

    His newest shop, already his fourth, is particularly modern and elegant. Here, the Viennese leather specialist known far beyond the borders of Austria stocks briefcases, luggage and handbags as well as wallets and accessories manufactured by the company itself. The bags can be worn in a number of ways as you can shorten or lengthen, fold or gather the straps and use different loops, buttons and rings. That way, the size of the bags also change and can be used in different situations.

    All of them are made from high-quality European Sauvage leather and the label characteristically uses natural surfaces as well as unique colour coatings and structures. The little store features a minimalistic chic, just like the many different bags. There is also an online store. Branch: Siebensterngasse 50, Vienna, Tel.

    Here sophisticated craftsmanship is at the forefront. Since the shops assortment of bags, shoes and accessories has been defined by small, fine Italian and Spanish leather producers. Since marie t. In autumn the store was reopened as a studio, where bags and accessories are produced on location and then sold. The young Viennese label of Mirella Czapka offers extraordinary fashion jewellery with unique characteristics.

    The designer uses only premium materials such as Swarovski crystals and fresh water pearls.